How I Help

Sometimes, all we need to get unstuck is an unbiased listener. I’m here to help you tune into the patterns and beliefs that might be holding you back from being the best version of yourself and living the life you’ve been imagining. Together we will look at how your past is informing your present, and how you can change your present to create the future you desire.

Therapy for Teens

Being a teen today is so much harder than it was even just 10 years ago. Constantly changing technology, complex social pressures, and relentless messages from media powerfully impact how teens view themselves and the world around them. Through a non-judgmental therapeutic relationship, I can help your teen through a variety of concerns including friend and family conflicts, academic performance, dating relationships, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and many other day-to-day challenges of being a teenager.

Therapy for College Students

For many, college is the first major transition they experience in their lives, and a lot changes at once! College students are living without the parents, with a roommate, and often in a new city or state. They are learning to navigate their own schedule and hours of free time after 12 years of highly structured, 8-hour school days. Maybe they’re discovering that what worked for them in high school doesn’t cut it in college, or worrying that the school they spent months deciding on was perhaps not the right choice after all. If you are in college and it’s not feeling like these are the best four years of your life, let’s connect!

Therapy for Young Adults

Wait, adulting doesn’t come with a manual? Okay, it’s a lame joke, but why didn’t they talk about any of this stuff in high school or college? You’re in your twenties, you’ve started a career and you’re putting down roots… but it feels like something is off. Maybe something is missing. Perhaps it’s the looming feeling that you’ve forgotten something, or the chronic feeling of loneliness since moving out of your college town, or wondering if this job you’ve found is really your purpose in life. Let’s talk about what’s going on and move to a place of confidence, empowerment, and thriving. 

Think We May Be A Good Match?

I offer a free 15-minute consultation so we can talk about what’s going on, answer any questions you have, and see if I’m a good fit. I would love to talk to you and see how I can help you be the best version of yourself! 


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